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Voit'Casse - My free software
Detailed description of Voit'Casse

One of my favorite 2D games... Voit'Casse is a car racing game on which you'll have to do everything to arrive first on the finish line with your Formula 1 car!

You have the choice between four game modes, who offer 10 differents tracks. Into each mode, you'll be able to choose the number of laps you'll have to do before the end of the race.
You also have a practice track when you'll be able to learn how to handle your vehicle before trying to race against others.

Voit'Casse can be played from 1 up to 4 players in Battle mode. In this mode, each player will be able to shoot his or her opponents with some ammo, just to slow down them... and make them even more angry!
You can also play alone against the computer. In that case, you'll be able to choose the Grand Prix mode, when you'll have to race the five tracks to obtain the best score, or to choose to race each track separately.

Whatever is the mode you choose, each player can customize his or her commands, either on the keyboard or with a gamepad.

Good luck to all the champions, and may the best win!

Some screenshots from the software

Voit'Casse Voit'Casse Voit'Casse Voit'Casse Voit'Casse

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* 16-bit software running under Windows 3.1.
* A multiplayer car racing game (1-4 players).
* Four game modes with ten different tracks.
* Number of laps can be customized before each challenge.
* Can be played alone again the computer.
* In multiplayer mode, players can use ammo to slow down the other players!
* Customizable commands for each player, using keyboard or joystick.

New features of version 1.1

* First 32-bit version, using the game engine of The Games Factory. It should enable any systems, recent as older ones, to run the game in 32,768 colors without crashes.
* Fullscreen mode support thanks to my ResChanger frontend.
* Updated "Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique" (Display Driver Configuratior) to version 1.2.
* Added The Games Factory's DLL (CNCS32.DLL) and deleted the old ones.
* Updated logos.
* New program icons.
* New internet shortcuts.
* Infinite playing music.
* New images and textures.
* New music for the practice track.
* New animations.
* New menu bar.
* Minor enhancements on some tracks.

List of known bugs in the latest version

Currently, no bugs have been found in the latest version of the software. If you want to submit one, click here.

Download this software and its associated files

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