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Bill Kong King - My free software
Detailed description of Bill Kong King

Bill Kong King is a breakout-style game in its own genre, because it replaces the usual pad, ball and bricks by a gorilla, a banana and bees, as you can see by looking to the below section screenshots. The difficulty? The bees are constantly moving...

Each level has its own music and background texture, with 5 types of different bonuses depending on the levels. You can play either with the keyboard, the mouse or a gamepad, the mouse being strongly recommended to avoid more banana losses...

Also, you have several customizable settings to adjust the difficulty level: banana's speed, bonus frequency...

I wanted to create an original breakout game... You are the judge. Or at least should you try first to finish the fifteen levels of the game... Because for an apparently simple game, it's actually quite difficult :-)

Some screenshots from the software

Bill Kong King Bill Kong King Bill Kong King

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* 16-bit software running under Windows 3.1.
* Breakout game using an original concept.
* Fifteen levels of action.
* Different music and background texture on each level.
* Game can be played using a keyboard, a mouse or even with a gamepad.
* Eight difficulty levels.

New features of version 1.1

* First 32-bit version, using the game engine of The Games Factory. It should enable any systems, recent as older ones, to run the game in 32,768 colors without crashes.
* Fullscreen mode support thanks to my ResChanger frontend.
* Updated "Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique" (Display Driver Configuratior) to version 1.2.
* Added The Games Factory's DLL (CNCS32.DLL) and deleted the old ones.
* Updated logos.
* New program icons.
* New internet shortcuts.
* Infinite playing music.
* New menus with a black background texture and the gorilla's photo.
* New background textures.
* Great improvement on difficulty level settings: banana's speed, number of lives, bonus frequency.
* Power-ups (bonuses) now appear randomly.
* New options: delay counter, control keys test, sound mixing, display.
* The objects disappear when they're completely out of the screen and not when they hit the border.
* Added the high-scores table, which appears each time the game ends.
* New selection menu available from the Escape key while in-game.
* Settings saved into an .INI file.
* More complete and intuitive help.
* New sound effects and animations.
* New main menu.
* Enhanced end game animation.
* More realistic banana movements.
* Permanently rotating banana.
* Regularly aligned bees on the levels.
* The banana must be thrown using the mouse or Space.

List of known bugs in the latest version

Currently, no bugs have been found in the latest version of the software. If you want to submit one, click here.

Download this software and its associated files

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