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Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator) - My free software
Detailed description of Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator)

Display Driver Configurator, with its weird, long and explicit name, will indeed help you to configure a display driver, but only the one used by Klik and Play and The Games Factory games, depending on the chosen version.

Indeed, these two pieces of software, as well as the games and other applications created using them (like some of my software, for example) use a special display driver, which can, usually, only be configured from TGF/KNP themselves, or from the setup program of an application created with them.

But it has several drawbacks: for someone who does not own KNP or TGF, (s)he can't configure the display driver outside of the setup program of a TGF/KNP application, not convenient; and for someone who owns KNP or TGF, (s)he has to go through the software itself; not convenient as well.

That's why I developed Display Driver Configurator, so that everyone can change the driver settings quickly, easily, from a single interface. It is available in two versions and two platforms: one to configure the driver from The Games Factory (TGF), and one to configure the driver from Klik and Play (KNP), each one being available for 32-bit Windows (versions 1.1 and upper) and DOS (version 1.0).

To change the settings using a Windows version, nothing easier: a window appears, you select the driver you want to use, you eventually modify the destination filename and directory (optional), and you click on Configure! The DOS version uses a wizard interface. Each version comes with a text file which will explain you how to use the driver and its features.

You can freely include the version(s) you want in your own software to give your users the ability to configure the display driver for their TGF/KNP games, according to the terms of use described in the software's text file.

To install this software on your computer, no setup program: you only have to uncompress the Config directory contained within the ZIP file, and then run the software from its EXE file.

Some screenshots from the software

Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator) Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator) Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator) Configuration du Gestionnaire Graphique (Display Driver Configurator)

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* Works under DOS, hence 100% compatible with 16-bit operating systems.
* INI is written by overwriting the previous one.
* Backup copy of the existing INI file.
* Assists the user step by step in the INI file creation process with a wizard-style interface.
* 45 KB only executable file.

New features of version 1.1

* First version for 32-bit Windows systems (95/98/NT/2000/XP).
* Destination file and directory are customizable.
* New INI writing method: does not erase the previous contents of the file, but simply updates it.
* No more backup copy of the INI file thanks to above-mentioned feature.
* Direct interface, faster than the wizard.

New features of version 1.2

* Updated logos and software icon.
* .ini extension is no longer automatically added to the filename, hence leaving you free to choose the file's extension.
* Optimized executable, reduced size (from 529 KB down to 414 KB).
* Added a function to detect Windows Large Fonts mode.
* All windows are now centered on screen.
* Updated my Web and e-mail addresses in the Config.txt file.

List of known bugs in the latest version

Currently, no bugs have been found in the latest version of the software. If you want to submit one, click here.

Download this software and its associated files

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