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I was browsing the web to search for a gorilla photo to put on the 1.1 version of my Bill Kong King game, when I found this beautiful website offering thousands of pets pictures of any type. Those photos have been taken by people like you and me, who wanted to show us their pets.

It gave birth to a great website, very well done and complete, which presents the photos sorted by categories, races... including a special section for the most beautiful photos. Even if I had not found the photo I was searching for, my disappointment quickly disappeared when I discovered this website. Note that it exists in a French version, available at another address, http://www.photos-animaux.com.

Language: This website is multi-lingual or in another language than English or French - http://www.photos-animaux.com

E@sy Cook

E@sy Cook

E@sy Cook is my father's website dedicated to cooking. You'll find here hundreds of recipes sorted into different categories, with the definitions of the technical terms employed. You'll also have access to some useful pages to have weight/measures equivalents, the "market of the month", the cooking tools, the accompaniments... Updated very often, it's a very complete website you should not miss.

Language: This website is in French - http://www.easycook.fr.st



Gribouilles is the other website of my father. He unveils to you his own paintings, as a virtual gallery, sorted under different categories.

The paintings of my grandmother are also present, and there are some entertaining puzzle games, in which you'll have to rebuild some of the paintings presented on the website.

You'll also find there some links to other websites, most of them being focused about painting and arts.

Language: This website is in French - http://www.gribouilles.com