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SoundFont MIDI music made by BGH Music with Arachno SoundFont

On this page, I wanted to pay a tribute to all people who released, on the internet, some videos or music compositions made with Arachno SoundFont.

Being either original stuff, covers or video game recordings, these releases contribute to the promotion of Arachno SoundFont and are the most beautiful reward I could ever expect after having spent so much time building this soundbank.

This list is sorted by author, with the most active ones appearing on the top. You can also find the exact same list, sorted by release date, on my User arrangements page.

In addition, don't forget to check the YouTube playlist dedicated to all stuff made with Arachno SoundFont, as well as some articles focusing on Arachno SoundFont on internet.

If you've also created something with Arachno SoundFont, I invite you to contact me so I can feature your work on this page.

Thanks to all users for their support and creativity!


BobGmbH is a very active (and popular) YouTube user, famous for his "IMPOSSIBLE REMIX" piano videos played on Synthesia, with tracks featuring full ranges of notes you'd not be able to play live on a real piano with only 10 fingers, hence the name. BobGmbH started using Arachno SoundFont on his videos in November 2013, when he released his very popular rendition of "He's a Pirate" from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.

BGH Music

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Detailed list of all tracks from BGH Music

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