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Rapid'AutoRun - My free software
Detailed description of Rapid'AutoRun

Rapid'Autorun is my second Delphi application, which can create AutoRun.inf files for all the disks of your system, either fixed or removable. But... what's an AutoRun file? Well, if you are under Windows, you may already use them without even knowing it... AutoRun files are responsible for running an application automatically as soon as you insert a disk into its drive, or changing its icon from the My Computer window, for example.

Rapid'AutoRun is thus a software focusing on the creation of AutoRun files. However, if a CD/DVD writer is required to create such files on CDs or DVDs (where they are most often used), you can also use this software to create such files on other disks, because, as stated before, they can also be used to change the icon given to your disks, but can also add custom commands in their contextual menu (the menu which appears when you right click with your mouse on a disk icon), and these features are available for any disk type, CDs and DVDs or course, but also hard disk drives, USB Flash disks...

The software comes with a simple and clear interface, easy to use, with a toolbar offering large icons. To create an AutoRun file, you only have to specify the icon to use to identify your disk (and/or the application you want to run when a removable disk is inserted into its drive), then you click on the Create button, and it's done! And the procedure to create custom contextual menu entries is similar. But, if you need help, the software comes with a documentation in both HLP and HTML formats.

You can moreover display all the software windows at the same time to work more efficiently. Rapid'AutoRun also comes with two sample interfaces for your AutoRun-enabled disks (with their source code in Delphi), as well as a collection of nearly 570 icons packed as DLL files, which can directly be used with your AutoRun files.

Some screenshots from the software

Rapid'AutoRun Rapid'AutoRun Rapid'AutoRun Rapid'AutoRun

Features list and version history

Features of version 1.0

* Can create AutoRun files on any disk, removable or not.
* A clear and simple interface using a toolbar with big icons.
* Creates standard AutoRun files with or without custom contextual menu entries.
* Two sample applications with sources for your AutoRun files.
* A collection of 570 icons grouped into several categories.
* All software windows can be opened simultaneously.
* Help in HTML and Windows HLP versions.

List of known bugs in the latest version

* Files produced with Rapid'AutoRun 1.0 can't be used to run other files than executable files (EXE, BAT...) because it uses the Open command to create AutoRun.inf files. In order to be able to run non-executable files (web pages, Word documents), you only have to open your AutoRun.inf using the notepad, and replace the "Open" keyword by the "ShellExecute" keyword.

* The sample applications also suffer from this bug, they are unable to run any non-executable file. However, if you do software programming using Delphi, you can edit their sources and replace the WinExec function (which only runs executable files) with the ShellExecute function to solve this problem. For more information about these functions, read the documentations bundled with Delphi.

Download this software and its associated files

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Version 1.0
This is the latest version of the file currently available on this website. As a result, I offer technical support on it.

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